Salt therapy is a drugless treatment that can do wonders- It is beneficial to people of all ages. It is recommended for people who suffer from:

Our Salt Haven


Our Kids’ Salt Haven is suitable for all ages and is equipped with all the distractions your child needs to pass the time while our treatment works its wonders to help your child.
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Respiratory Care SingaporeADULT SALT HAVEN

Our adult Salt Haven is a room where you can close your eyes, relax and destress. We have zero gravity chairs, dim lighting, and soft music to promote utmost relaxation in a peaceful and undisturbed atmosphere.
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It was a great experience!

Really soothing. Soooooo relaxing! When I breathed in the salt I could feel it find its way through my nose and windpipes. Breathing become so much easier almost immediately and I was able to do my chores around the house without being short of breath in a long long while!

June Kipper