Eczema Relief ( Zhara BM)

Eczema-releive 6 session

Eczema Relief ( Siti K )

I just went for the salt therapy @ your clinic this afternoon & came home breathing easily, my joints aches & dry skin have improved tremendously.

Joanne Tan

Every morning I used to suffer from chronic cough, running nose and intermittent sneezing. I used to cough out a lot of phlegm too. I had to take cough syrup and other medication due to my constant coughing. After undergoing the Salt Therapy at Breathya, my coughing has reduced drastically and I do not rely on my medication anymore. After every session, there is a lot of phlegm discharge which provides me relief. I finally feel more relaxed and can sleep better. I would highly recommend Breathya to my friends.

B L Patwari

I feel better and use less of my inhaler. Even after a bout of flu which is often accompanied by cough and worst attack of asthma, I recovered faster and the cough and asthma did not happen. But I have to cope with more phlegm, after which I think I will be much better, hopefully.

Salma Haron

I feel that my nose has opened up as I noticed a lot of mucus discharge after the first few sessions. Also, my skin eczema has certainly improved as there were days when I didn’t even need to put my moisturising cream and my skin was still alright ! Overall, I was highly satisfied with the salt therapy sessions and hope to continue them in the future.

Rahul Advani

I feel very relax and comfortable. It was an amazing experience 1 hour with Breathya. After the session I felt immediately smooth on breathing.

Linda Lu

Relax and clear block nose.

Mary Toh

More Relaxed, Soothing Feel.

Osman B. Jaffar

Fantastic place and wonderful service. If you have allergy or skin issue, Breathya is the place to go.

Laura C

Wear light coloured clothing. First experiene is nice ad relaxing, hopefully can see the result during the second session.

Brice T.

See Eczema Relief after Just 3 Session



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