Salt Room – Meditation and Yoga

Salt Room - Meditation and Yoga

What makes meditation and yoga in a salt room unique?

There is a substantial research in alternative medicine that proves the overall benefits of halotherapy or salt therapy in:

  • reducing toxicity in the body (especially in the skin and respiratory system)
  • strengthening the body’s overall immunity
  • improving mental clarity, emotional well-being

Similarly – certain meditation techniques, breathing exercises and yoga postures have been shown to benefit the overall well-being in people who practice these consistently.

Breathya’s latest meditation and yoga series will allow practitioners to unlock a unique multiplier effect.

What does this mean?

Compared to any other practice environment like a normal room – by practising these beneficial meditation techniques, breathing exercises and yoga postures in a salt room – you will be able to unlock higher levels of well-being at faster rates.

These better, higher, faster rates of well-being = the multiplier effect for you 🙂

Who are these sessions suitable for?

The meditation and yoga series is suitable for anyone who wants to elevate their level of wellbeing, in particular:

  • Young adults struggling with anxiety and/or lifestyle disorders that lead to poor health
  • Professionals facing stressful situations in life
  • Families looking for a more meaningful way to bond with their children

Note: All sessions can be customised for those with low mobility as well. Adequate physical support (e.g. chairs), posture modifications and on-site guidance is provided.

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